Driving innovation in health technology for over twenty years, RAIN Live Oak Technology delivers robust, dynamic data services to improve care and modernize patient engagement. Add enhanced management to existing repositories and integrate next-generation technology into your software platform to improve value and seamlessly deliver smarter services.

More than just storing information, RAIN's technology helps you understand it. Industry leading document repositories and persistent provenance ensure every document remains accessible, actionable and trusted across points of origin and exchange destinations. Map every encounter with exacting precision to improve data longevity & interoperability.

FHIR is the next-generation of medical document storage & exchange, and RAIN Live Oak has the tools to take advantage of the newest advances in information technology. FHIRelate is a powerful medical information platform delivering a full-featured FHIR API to enable robust queries, high-fidelity document exchange and updates, and highl granular use of information.

Built to meet the needs to enterprise systems, FHIRelate is backed by an optimized relational database providing far greater control over information than can be achieved in more static document-based databases. Use the FHIRelate API with the provided schema or map the FHIR protocol to your internal data model. Modular database design allows for support of both a FHIR API and custom interfaces, including internal data analytics.

Custmoize how data is presented and validated, and easily support IHE and HL7 profiles, including mCSD (Mobile Care Services Discovery). Use all of FHIR or a selection of resources to deliver robust documents services.

Sponsored by the ONC, RAIN Live Oak's Data Provenance Toolkit is a portable, multi-specification software library supporting the generation, verification and analysis of data provenance in diverse healthcare documents. Data provenance has the power to greatly enrich medical documents with verifiable metadata regarding the origin, authorship and context of healthcare events, procedures, and outcomes.

Provenance supports a rich dataset including event type, location, and actor roles. Most valuable is the provenance signature, a digital doicument fingerprint. Signatures travel with documents, allowing recipients to verify the contents, origin and integrity of the document.

Provenance and signatures are portable and as a patient's record expands new provenance is added, creating a historical trail mapping the circumstances of each update. Even years after a care event, authroized physicians will use provenance to act on information confidence, knowing it's authoir and having valuable context about how and why the care event occurred.

By using the RAIN Live Oak Data Provenance Toolkit, healthcare providers – including EHR systems, HIE networks and patient managed medical devices – can rapidly deploy provenance services within their existing infrastructure and interfaces, giving users the tools to create and view meaningful provenance and to act on that data to deliver better care.