About Live Oak DIRECT:

What is Live Oak DIRECT?

Live Oak DIRECT is a secure, HIPAA compliant email system. It was designed from the ground up using stable, tested open source software to create a messaging platform ideal for medical professionals and for patients. Leveraging open standards and the DIRECT Protocol, Live Oak DIRECT gives you a secure email account that can interconnect with the growing nationwide DIRECT network.

What is the DIRECT Protocol?

What security features does Live Oak DIRECT use?

Who should use DIRECT Messaging?

How do I get an account?

Who can I exchange messages with?

How is Live Oak DIRECT different from my regular email?

Where can I access my account from?

What does it cost?

User Support:

I forgot/lost my password.

I can't login to the Webmail Portal.

Messages are bouncing back with an "untrusted recipient" error.

How do I access using my favorite mail client (Outlook, Mac Mail, etc.)?

For further support please contact us.