This SLA defines the terms of Live Oak DIRECT's responsibility with respect to the Services that we provide (the "Service Commitments"). This SLA represents Live Oak DIRECT's sole obligation to meet such Service Commitments.

The Service Commitments under this SLA are as follows:

Network Uptime

RAIN Live Oak DIRECT guarantees 100% network uptime for our services, excluding scheduled maintenance. Notwithstanding the prior, you recognize that the Internet is comprised of myriad autonomous systems that are not controlled by Live Oak DIRECT. Routing anomalies, asymmetries, inconsistencies and failures of the Internet outside of the control of Live Oak DIRECT can and will occur, and such instances shall not be considered any failure of the 100% Network Uptime Service Commitment.

Technical Support

RAIN Live Oak DIRECT will provide timely technical support upon request for any difficulty in utilizing our services which are within out power to remedy. If the cause of the difficult is beyond the scope of our support, we will take action to direct the user to an alternate source of support.

Data Backup

RAIN Live Oak DIRECT performs daily backup of all user data. User mail is stored in an encrypted form on a secure secondary storage service, where it is redundantly retained for restoration in the event of data loss.